About us

Denis Ficon

Inquisitive, original and imaginative. With DELLO, Denis realizes a dream together with Bob.

He loves working with people and feels at home in the music, media and event industries. These two essential aspects of his life are now connected.

DELLO benefits from his experience in the music, media and event industry, as well as in the courses in psychology, educational sciences and currently business administration.

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Form conversations - these two words have been with me all my life. It is wonderful to see when two people can communicate with each other and thereby enrich each other! ”- Denis Ficon

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Bob Vogston

Ambitious, fresh and innovative. Before Bob learned to speak, he already had his first guitar in his hands. Today he plays as a guitarist in various bands, composes and produces (film) music in his home studio and lectures at a private music school. In his home country of Bulgaria, he received a civil award for special and successful events as part of humanitarian support.

Bob brings with him a wonderful energy that makes DELLO something special.

“Пари се изкарват, човещина да има.

My grandpa always used to say that. It is difficult to translate, but it means something like: One makes money anyways, but there should be more humanity! That's true ... that's why we want to connect people and knowledge - for a healthy coexistence!"

- Bob Vogston

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